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100% Merino Wool Irish Warm Cable Knit Women Crew Neck Fitted Sweater with Pockets in Grey Natural Navy Blue Pullovers Grey cO86kgiCs

100% Merino Wool Irish Warm Cable Knit Women Crew Neck Fitted Sweater with Pockets in Grey Natural Navy Blue Pullovers Grey cO86kgiCs

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Saol is the Irish word for life signifying the connection of the individual to society and culture. In other words saol is what makes life worth living. SAOL channels these themes throughout several lines that seek to provide high-quality garments based on traditional Irish apparel updated for modern tastes and perfect for everyday wear.

What Makes Our Sweaters Different

Every piece is specially washed dried and steamed before being treated with an anti-shrink technology that makes it machine washable without the risk of losing proportion. And all sections of our garments are hand linked including the collar sleeves and sides making for a seamless finish.

Wear the Tradition

The knit styles of our collections date to the turn of the 20th century in the remote Aran Islands off the coast of County Galway in the west of Ireland. To this day the beautiful patterns of honeycomb cable and diamond stitches give these sweaters a unique three-dimensional texture that allows air to circulate throughout the garment while providing a crucial insulating layer that keeps cold winds out and warm body heat in. Give life to your layers with SAOL.

Product Features

This complex design conveys a sense of detailed elegance and signifies Ireland

Two front pockets help you keep your hands warm and add a bit of texture

Cabling on the collar is adds a little eye-catching refinement to this classic design

Though all SAOL sweaters are pre-washed to ensure durability and can be machine washed we still recommend hand washing with a mild detergent and laying flat to dry after reshaping. This ensures the texture of the pattern will remain as vibrant as the day it arrived.


  • Cable: Signifies fishermen s ropes and the hope for good fortune
  • Diamond: Represents farmers fields and the promise of wealth
  • Honeycomb: Signals the diligence of the honeybee and and the sweet rewards of labor
  • Zig-Zag: Signifies the rugged cliffs of the Aran Islands and life s ups & downs
  • Trellis: Represent the stone walls of Ireland and signify community
  • Blackberry: Signifies nature abundance and growth
  • Heart: Represents love compassion and warmth of body and soul
  • ree of Life: Showcases the endless cycle of life death and rebirth
  • 100% MERINO WOOL: Offering premium softness insulating warmth strength and resilience and moisture-wicking breathability that keeps you dry pure Merino wool is what you want to wear in fall or winter weather for all-day comfort
    CREW NECK COLLAR: Adding a unique twist to this sweater is a crew neck collar which naturally has a sporty flair but that flair is merged beautifully with a braided cable detail to create a regally feminine collar
    ARAN STITCHING: Mesmerizing rope and braid variations of the traditional Aran cable stitch decorate this sweater from top to bottom with beautiful texture and depth. The cable stitch represents hopes for success
    FRONT POCKETS: Practical front pockets create lovely symmetry in this sweater. They are also practical as they can be used to warm the hands or hold small items like cash keys or a wallet
    VERSATILE COLOR OPTIONS: Available in Grey Natural and Navy this darling sweater can be used to create a variety of looks from demure neutral-toned outfits to ensembles that are rich in color

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